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Your business is likely losing hundreds of thousands of $ every year because your people are coming to work with an employee mindset. We solve that problem

Leadership & Business Coaching that Helps You to Deliver High Performance

Set your business apart with leadership and business coaching by high performance leadership coach Shelley Holmes

Improve your results by hiring Shelley for leadership and business coaching for you and your team.

Any company that wants to stay in business must focus on continuous improvement in all facets of their organization ... technical capability, productivity, customer service, cost control and profitability.

As leaders in any high-performance organization know, people are the key to improved performance. And, if you and your people aren't growing and improving then how can you expect your business to improve and grow?

Business Results

Developing and retaining high-potential leaders escalates your bottom-line.

To improve your business results, it is crucial that you strengthen how the leaders in your business, (and your front-line team members), interact and think about the business ... that you provide them with the skills and the thinking that create high performance ... unfortunately, something still not taught (or taught well) in our schools and universities.

I'll coach you and your team into adopting a high-performance mindset, and open them up to the possibilities for improved performance (both as an individual and as a business unit) that come from using the systems and tools that high performance organizations use.

Numerous studies show that the key to high profitability and growth is through leaders who develop superior relationships.

By focusing on improving relationships and personal growth, I'll help you and your team to build the capability needed to deliver the high-performance results your business deserves.

By enhancing the leadership capability of the people in your team you'll better retain your employees — they'll become more content AND with leadership mentoring and coaching from me. Your leaders will develop the skills to get your front-line people thinking like business owners. Get them thinking this way and magic will happen in your business.

Unfortunately, many business leaders are falling into the trap of not investing in their people ... particularly as budgets are tightening ... but the reality is you cannot afford to not invest in your people.

Investing in them to help them be better equipped with challenging situations and market conditions is good business sense. Investing in enhancing the skills, mindset, and capability of the people already working within your business is far more cost-effective than replacing and/or bringing in new people.

What has it cost you in terms of lost productivity, output and profitability when key people have left, due to poor or inadequate leadership?

Several times I have worked with leaders who were contemplating leaving their organization, but through coaching and helping them to reframe and refocus, I was able to get them back to a space of feeling excited by, and engaged with, what they were doing. Saving many thousands of dollars for the business and a lot of turmoil and inconvenience for all involved.

Typically, leadership and business coaching focuses on both change and growth. Change in the way the individual reacts to situations and growth in the way he or she thinks about and prepares for the future.

What Areas Does Shelley Coach in?

For more than three decades, I have equipped thousands of leaders with the environment, the tools and the techniques needed to explore and strengthen their leadership ability. Over the years, the impact of my coaching and leadership development programs on individuals and organizations has repeatedly been described as powerful and life-changing.

Here are the areas you will mostly expect me to work with you and your people

  • Communicate more effectively at all levels across the organization
  • Improve work performance by understanding how people interact with each other.
  • Strategies for managing conflict
  • Build and maintain productive relationships
  • Give and receive feedback more effectively
  • Develop others to be their best
  • Enhance skills in self-awareness, self-responsibility, and self-management
  • Leverage differences in other people
  • Understand how leaders create the environment that either inspires or demotivates people
  • Improve ability to get people to come to work with a spring in their step
  • Gain the skills to navigate complex leadership situations successfully.
  • Lead change in the organization so that people want to be a part of the change
  • Make use of the systems and organization design strategies for high performance

What gives me the right to provide business and leadership coaching and mentoring? 20+ years as an independent coach and consultant to leaders in several high-performance organizations along with being an integral leader in the start-up and running of a High-Performance facility for Colgate-Palmolive for just over 10 years.

Types of Results Achieved by Working with Business & Leadership Development Coach Shelley Holmes

  • Employee retention equating to $350,000
  • For the #1 growth company in Australia, I mentored a leader from Area Leader to CEO in three years
  • This division achieved the highest profit returns for the company
  • This company declared an ROI of up to 12 times their investment
  • This division received the highest satisfaction rating for leadership for the entire company
  • This company was the 8th fastest growing communications company in the world, and I helped their leadership team take charge of their expanded responsibilities

Whilst I cannot guarantee you these exact results, I would expect that similar benefits will be achievable and I promise to do everything I can to help your leaders be just as successful.

Which Package Best Suits Your Needs?

If you have only two or three leaders that you wish to have coached then any one of the Elite, Transform, Engage or Lead packages will suit your needs.

Hire Shelley Under An Organizational Retainer Package

However, if you have a team of 4 or more that you wish to come into coaching, then you may like to hire me on a retainer basis.

Over the years I have had great success working with and coaching teams of leaders. Great results can be achieved, because I get multiple views of the business and the individuals within it, from the various leaders I am coaching.

As well if your business is country-wide or global, then this leadership coaching package is ideal for you if you wish to have consistency and continuity in the coaching of leadership styles and mindsets.

Working with teams across an organization better enables me to provide insights and shifts to help people work more effectively together ... so they bring out the best in each other and sail closer to their potential as individuals, teams and business units.

With an organizational retainer package you can expect the following:

  • 1
    Coaching of up to 10 leaders at a time - with regular coaching times for those 10 leaders
  • 2
    Ad hoc coaching/support for individuals within the organization
  • 3
    30% discount on workshops and webinars
  • 4
    Quarterly webinar for up to 10 individuals from your business
  • 5
    Access to the 250+ resources in the Members Only Make A Dent Club, for up to 250 employees in your company, and where they will be able to access the following ebooks and ecourses:
  • 6
    Personalized Success Insights DISC report (for up to 10 individuals) that helps individuals to understand more clearly the impact of their style on others and how to flex their style to better influence, other people.
  • 7
    The Manager To High-Performance Leader self-assessment
  • 8
    The Business Health Assessment

Please contact me to discuss your needs and pricing.

My promise to you is that once you engage with me in a coaching relationship your life (personal and professional) will transform in multiple ways. I say that with confidence because of the feedback I regularly get from my coaching clients.