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Self-Improvement Articles for High Performance Leaders

These self-improvement articles will help you develop two of the key elements all high performance leaders possess. Self awareness and personal growth.

These self-improvement articles will help you develop two of the key elements all high-performance leaders excel at ... Self-awareness and Personal Growth.

I often say to the leaders I coach .... "If you aren't growing yourself how can you expect to grow your people?"

Relying on your previous capabilities isn't enough. Reinvent yourself regularly so that you stay relevant and at the peak of your performance.

If you continue to rely on the skills you gained in the past - the skills that got you to your current role - to carry you forward in the future, you may well pay a price. The price being a lack of trust in your ability to succeed in your current role, let alone other opportunities further along the career path.

Show your willingness to learn and adapt. Show those who make promotional decisions in your organization that you are focused on self-improvement and have the motivation to inspire others to do the same. Show them that you are growing a strong bench for the future ... not only that you are continuously improving AND that you are bringing your people along with you. That will set you apart!

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Why Implementing What You Learn From These Self-Improvement Articles is Essential

Companies need leaders who are up-to-date with leading-edge thinking and developments. Leaders who can look to the future and help the organization prosper. You'll stand out from the crowd if you get a reputation as someone who is focused on continuous improvement ... of both the company's products and services and most importantly of the people and yourself.

To help your people to step into their potential, you must be a strong role model. 

Every day learn something new and then share it with your team. This is how continuous improvement goes viral throughout your workplace - which ultimately leads to higher performance.

In most of the teams I have led, we make it an agenda item in our team meetings that each week someone is responsible for sharing something new they have discovered. It could be a personal growth book they've read, a business article, a new technological concept.

Which brings me to this next important point. Make sure you are developing your skills beyond just your technical capability. A well-rounded leader enhances their capability in social, business and personal growth/personal empowerment skills as well.

The only person responsible for your success is you.

So, take control of your life by investing in yourself and your personal development.

How much responsibility are you taking for your personal growth? If you are waiting for the next course that 'management' sends you on - then you'll be part of the pack.Set yourself apart. Invest in yourself. Whether it is reading, listening to audio, attending seminars or getting 12 months access to all the VIP resources here on this site, the more that you embrace your personal growth, the more you enhance your ability to enjoy the success you desire.

Understanding Yourself


As a leader, one of your most important responsibilities is to inspire those around you. But, you can't inspire others if you aren't feeling inspired and aren't being true to you!


Ever been in a meeting and had someone clearly grumpy, but not saying much turn it into an electrically charged event? You've just been hit by someone's vibe!


What is the story that is told after you leave the room? Do you leave behind you an emotional wake this is uplifting and empowering or soul destroying?


Who are you who shows up each day to the people around you? Do you serve as a message of hope and inspiration or a warning of how not to live?


Ever been in a situation where your emotions took over and you blurted out something you later regretted? Or found yourself, withdrawing inside yourself? Use the moment of choice to avoid this


Men and women who have a strong sense of who they are shape the world. Developing your personal mission helps you define how you want to live your life.


How my mocha was delivered with joy, passion and excitement by a young barista ... one who was living purposefully!


The meaning of success is different for each of us. For many it has something to do with the level of influence, affluence and yet.. isn't there a whole lot more?

Assertive, Passive, Aggressive - what style of leader are you? Find out in this Assertiveness Quiz


If you are working in a toxic workplace - have you ever wondered if you are part of the problem? Find out now

Your Career

The aim of this program is to give you the edge as you start your new leadership role. Filled with ideas tips and tactics to help you make your mark fast!


Do you know the signs that indicate if you are in a Job, working a Career or following your Calling? Take some time to think about where you are, and what you want to do about it.


Living your passion at work may seem elusive. Use this self-assessment to decide if you are in a job, working a career or living your calling.


If you feel that you could be in the wrong job, then the Ideal Job worksheet, may help you to pinpoint the tasks and activities that really give you a buzz and those that you need to minimize in any job you do.


In this interview Rick Gills provides tips on how to create a resume that secures that all important job interview. His advice is sure to help you get your foot in the door!

Improving Your Own Performance


Follow these five easy tips to ensure you get the most from your self-improvement journey.


My clients have used this formula for many years to create success ...


Successful goal setting begins with only having a Plan A. Discover how Jesinta Campbell has the world at her feet because of her Plan A.


Download the ebook Potential into Reality and use the goal setting exercises and strategies to help you make the most of your potential.


Taking regular, consistent action after you have aligned yourself, is critical to success.


If you are fearful of people giving you feedback you may be under-living your potential ...


Part 1.

Use these three tactics to help you stay at the top of your game and minimize your stress levels.


In part 2 of this article we take a look at another four tips to help you get control of your stress.


Fifteen quick questions, too rapidly assess the stress levels in your life.

Powerful Mindset

If you want to be the 'rockstar' of your organization you must get your hands on this free training. You'll shift the way you approach work and life to a whole new level


Take a peek inside a coaching session and learn how to discipline your thinking ...


Positive thinking isn't about denying reality ... it is more about focusing on where you are going and having the courage to keep other focused toward that goal.


What does internet marketer Ryan Deiss and Malcolm Turnbull ex-Prime Minister of Australia, have in common? Avoid making this mistake that will damage your reputation and your career.


Use the ABCDE model to train your mind so that you become unstoppable no matter what comes your way ...


Did you know that you have approximately 50,000 thoughts each day! So how are you talking to yourself, and where is your thinking taking you?


Optimists tend to outperform pessimists in most arenas in life. Discover how you can enhance your style of thinking so that you can perform at your best given any situation


Discover the importance of having an internal locus of control so you enable more success in your life.


Take this quiz to see how much you believe you are in control of your life and success


You affirm all day long ... so use these tips to make sure that the affirmations you are making about your life are heading you in a positive direction - rather than holding you back.


Here are some example affirmations to help get your creative juices flowing.


Visualization is a very powerful tool. Discover how the Australian's finally won the Americas Cup using Visualization.


"The Four Agreements" book by Don Miguel Ruiz, is one of the most powerful books I've ever read. I share it with all my clients. In this article you'll get an overview of the book

self efficacy

What do you believe you are capable of? People with a strong sense of self-efficacy generally perform at much higher levels. Follow this four step process to build your belief in your capability.


Here is an example of me using the four steps of building self efficacy with John. John was one of my team members whose lack of confidence was holding him back.


Your self esteem can definitely stop you from getting the results you want. In this story discover how Steve took a bad situation and made it a whole lot worse worrying about what others might think.

How to Build Self-Esteem

Use these four easy and painless steps to build your self-esteem to achieve the success you deserve. (There is a very important tip here for parents who want to enhance their children's self-esteem)

Overcoming Low Self-Esteem

If you are focused on creating a high-performance workplace you want to ensure that you have the conditions in place that will help overcome low self-esteem.

Self-Esteem Quiz

How good is your self-esteem? Take this quick quiz and see how you rate.

One Person

Ever wondered what it takes to get 6,000 people to work together? Learn a lesson from a teen ...


One sure sign of your personal growth is how quickly you bounce back from adversity and failure. Follow these quick tips for getting back on track fast when you hit a road block.

Fostering an Attitude of Gratitude

If you had no shoes, would you be fussing about the fact that you have no shoes, or celebrating that you have feet? It's all about mindset and attitude.

Understanding Behavior


Do you ever wonder why you take actions that aren't in your own best interest? It is challenging to find the cause behind our doing 'dumb' things. This series of articles holds the keys to helping you understand why, at times, you feel under pressure, make a fool of yourself, or react in a way that hurts you and others.

Judge Archetype

Here's why that voice inside your head is so loud. Learn about the Judge Archetype and discover how to turn down the criticizer inside your mind that constantly finds fault with yourself, your children, your partner, your co-workers, your neighbors, and even the people you pass on the street

Victim Archetype

The victim archetype can be holding back your leadership career success. Discover if you are living above or below the line

Child Archetype

Working with a bunch of kids dressed up in big people's clothes? Ever stamped your foot in exasperation or said "I don't deserve this!"? Well right then, you were having a Child moment. And don't confuse having a Child moment with being childish!

Prostitute Archetype

Sticking in a job you hate or a relationship that doesn't serve you well? The Prostitute tests you on your price At what price are you willing to sell out your .... for physical, financial and social safety?

Saboteur Archetype

How strong is your self-worth? The Saboteur Archetypes shines a spotlight on how good you truly feel about your success!

Judge & Saboteur Archetypes

Here's an example of how the Judge and Saboteur had a negative impact on Shelley's career.

The Impact of Other People

The people you associate with on a regular basis have a huge impact on your life and success. Use this quick and easy tool to rate who are keepers and who you should rid yourself of

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