What Makes a Good Leader Remarkable?

What makes a good leader remarkable? Phew... that's the million dollar question!

This page has two purposes:

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    To get you thinking about what makes a good leader remarkable, and
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    To provide you with a series of articles that explores the styles and characteristics of good leadership.

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Have you ever wondered, why it is, that we go the extra mile, and would walk over hot coals, for one guy, and yet, the guy in the next office can barely raise a yawn out of us?

What is it, that the leader who inspires says and does, that seems to enable him or her to so easily influence others

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    to change their mindset or
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    see something differently, or
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    to WANT to go out on a limb to get a result for their team?

This is what my deep research into high performance leadership and having worked as a leader in a high performance team tells me ... there is not ONE or even TWO things that these leaders do that set them apart.

There are many different qualities, characteristics and traits that go into creating that 'x' factor which makes a good leader become outstanding.

The articles below are designed to help you build your own 'x' factor and become a leader who makes a dent by being inspired and inspiring!

Leaders arise from all walks of life and for all sorts of reasons. Leadership may be inherited, it may be unexpectedly thrust upon a person or it may be something that is deliberately pursued because of a big dream or goal.

Each of these famous leaders: Nelson Mandela, Margaret Thatcher, Anita Roddick, Pol Pot, Richard Branson, Herb Kelleher, John Howard, Adolf Hitler, Queen Elizabeth, Francis of Assisi, Rupert Murdoch, Steve Jobs, Steve Bullmer, Majora Carter have different qualities, styles and characteristics - some evil, some good, some loved, some feared, some brave under fire, some quietly diligent, some inspiring, some analytical.

And, the good news for you, is that if you focus on your strengths and make sure that your weaknesses don't derail you, you can be successful ... no matter your personality.

But there is one thing that I've noticed consistently about great leaders who have a powerful impact ... they love to learn, they love to share that learning and inspire those around them to discover their best.

If you are dedicated to being the best possible version of you, (like myself and the hundreds of leaders I have worked with and/or coached have been), you too can be a leader who makes a positive dent in the universe.

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